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A custom leather work family company...
The creative designs are innovative and offer fresh as well as rustic taste, always focused on the hard work of the cowboy, hunter, camper, military man or law enforcement officer. Vik’s sheaths for specialty knives are created individually with your tool in mind.
                    creator of countless leather goods which are created based on his experience as a Horseman and Veterinarian.
You can see in his products, all are made of high quality leather for strength and durability to enhance your active lifestyle.
A knife is a necessary accessory and Vik will enhance yours with a touch of class and originality.
Knife Sheaths
in USA (210) 254 2115 / (210) 264 6667
In Mexico (011 52) 921 2138706
Holsters and Scabbards
Cellphone Cases
Horse Tack
Victor Perez
About us
now also in Mexico
Vik is growing thanks to you....
We manufacture from Mexico the regular products and we have appointments in San Antonio to make special orders.
You can call to make an appointment, you are always welcome and thanks for beign our customer.
You can find Victor Perez at South Texas Saddlery.
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